Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools Company


Board of Management

In addition to the president, the board of management consists of three members with different areas of responsibility and different functions.

Sustainable growth

Following a series of record-breaking years, Bosch Power Tools increased its sales in 2022 by 3 percent to 5.9 billion euros amid a challenging economic environment. Despite massive cost increases - especially in materials and logistics - and a tense earnings situation, the company was able to further grow its business. At the same time, Bosch Power Tools is looking ahead and plans to more than double its sales by the end of this decade.

Last year, the company invested more than 300 million euros in the future growth of its value chain and product portfolio. This year, the company once again plans to invest a nine-figure sum. One of its focus areas is North America, which makes up more than 40 percent of the power tool market worldwide. By sharpening its product portfolio to best meet the needs of North American users and expanding its marketing activities and sales structures, Bosch Power Tools plans to boost its appeal amongst existing target audiences and to expand into new segments.

5.9 billion euros

sales in the fiscal year 2022

Collaboration with WWF Germany speeds up transformation

The company is also determined to further pursue its focus on sustainability. For Bosch Power Tools, business and responsibility go hand in hand. This is why the company's commitment to sustainability is now forging ahead through its long-term partnership with WWF Germany, which will speed up its transformation. Bosch Power Tools has been working steadily in recent years to reduce its environmental footprint and has already rolled out projects to cut CO₂ emissions and conserve resources, in line with the sustainability goals of the Bosch Group. In addition, the company is working relentlessly to make the entire product portfolio more sustainable. The insights that Bosch Power Tools has gained so far, for example regarding the opportunities and limitations of recycled materials, continue to flow into the processes and production.

Since 2020, all business divisions of the Bosch Group have been climate neutral (Scopes 1 and 2), meaning not a single site worldwide leaves a carbon footprint today. Beyond that, Bosch Power Tools will relentlessly pursue the reduction of upstream and downstream emissions (Scope 3) right down to the product level, with the goal of bringing figures down by at least 15 percent from the 2018 baseline by 2030. WWF Germany will work closely with the business division and weigh in with its expertise via a sounding board and consulting on topics such as the further development of the climate and packaging strategy. Another major task of the collaboration, which is set to last at least five years, includes training and raising awareness of the company’s associates so that they can participate in and contribute to the company’s sustainable transformation. At the same time, Bosch Power Tools will support WWF Germany on nature conservation projects and help fund projects in Asia. With this partnership, Bosch Power Tools is a pioneer in its industry.?


Full measuring tool range for DIYers now more sustainable than ever

In launching the DIY edition of its entire measuring tools portfolio, Bosch Power Tools is taking a big step forward in its sustainability goals: Starting in the fall of 2023, 23 new and improved measuring tools will be available along with their related accessories and packaging, all featuring a new sustainability concept and produced with as much recycled material as possible. The company looked at the entire value chain to identify ways to save on materials, particularly on plastic, and replaced these with more environmentally friendly components. Many seemingly small changes can add up to make a big impact. The goal is to be a role model for the industry and to motivate everyone to do their part for a better living environment.

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